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Year round


We are looking for a part time assistant to help manage our online presence. Students and recent graduates in this field are encouraged to apply!

This job WILL include:
- Assisting to plan, research, film, prep for editing & posting YouTube videos, 1 to 2 times weekly
- Manage social media presence on Facebook & Google
- Create and manage social media presence on other platforms
- Keyword research & SEO optimization
- Assisting to manage filming calendar & scheduling

This job MAY include:
- Gardening if you like
- Other office tasks that you excel at and are needed
- The possibilities are kind of endless! Propose an appropriate idea and it will be considered!

What it takes to be successful in this role:
- Some relevant experience and a desire to help grow a start up!
- Passion for a job well done!
- Driven for results!

Applicants must:
- Follow oral and written instructions accurately.
- Have general knowledge of outdoor flowers & plants, and their specific care.
- Be punctual, reliable & communicative.
- Have some experience behind a camera. (Formal education is a huge plus!) Understand lighting, looking at and being aware of backgrounds and noise. Know how cameras & equipment work and be able to hold a camera steady.
- Knowledge of different social platforms, how their algorithms work and how to use their SEO.
- Be over 18
- Have a passion for plants and flower gardening!
- Have own transportation & be able to transport self & equipment to film sites

- This is a year round position
- Full & Part time 10-30+ hr/week – flexible- you write your own schedule at the beginning of the season, then show up when you said you would.
- Starting pay DOE. Negotiable & may be performance based
- Paid sick leave
- Profit sharing bonus – if the company does well, you receive an extra bonus!
- More benefits available in 2nd and subsequent years!
- Must have a positive & friendly attitude, and the ability to work well with others. Must also be able to work solo

Instructions to apply:
EMAIL your contact info, resume with relevant work history and experience, and a cover letter if you like to

Make sure to highlight experience that's relevant - customer service is great, but beyond that retail and cashiering isn't really useful here. Tell me why you'll make a good social media & filming assistant;and why you'll fit this position! Also include a picture of your favorite plant, its name, and what you like about it.

CALL to confirm that it was received.

Monday - Friday, 9-5
Amy: (509) 964 4746

If I do not answer, please leave a message. When leaving a message, please speak clearly and repeat your call back number twice. (If for some reason voicemail isn't working, send another email to say that you attempted to call and what happened.)

The first requirement of this job is the ability to follow instructions. If you do not follow the two step instructions for applying then you demonstrate that you do not meet these criteria and you will not be considered for the position.

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